From September 5-10
at One Works’ headquarter in Via A. Sciesa 3.

  1. An original program of “live” and virtual talks focused on the UN Agenda 2030
    Sustainable Development Goals sostenibile promossa dall’ONU.
    2. The launch of the new Plinio il Giovane’s Aria Collection with ICA Group, leading company in the field of ecological paints
    and One Works, one of the biggest architectural firms operating on the international scene. 

SMART Collection

From 4th to 11th September
at out showroom in Via E. Cernuschi, 1 – Milano
from 10.00 to 20.00

A new bed coloured in blackcherry thanks to ICA Group.
From today we can paint our furniture with bio paints.
A great news about textile: the graphene. Thanks to the partnership with Directa Plus,
we are launching our first collection of graphene products.

Discover the collection