Aria collection

The new project from Plinio il Giovane draws on the shared inspiration and unique characteristics of ICA Group and One Works, which are combined with its own in the common objective of offering people well-being and sustainability in every aspect of the design and in usage
of the final product over time.
These are the origins of the concept for the new ARIA range.

Aimed primarily at the contract market, to help redefine crowded public spaces with high footfall (such as stations, airports or large commercial environments — a specialist area for One Works), the name ARIA brings to mind everything that we have missed over recent months, with products that offer what we will need going forward: safety, durability, respect for the environment and, naturally, beauty. These characteristics are enhanced by the use of ICA Group Iridea Bio water-based coatings in a multitude of colors, and formulated with renewable waste materials that are not fit for human consumption and are produced entirely in compliance with the most recent green policies, reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2. Thanks to their certified excellence and sustainability, which is reflected in extraordinary chemical/physical properties, these coatings for furnishings count towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and have achieved Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) from UL, a global leader in product certification.

Mario Prandina, mentor and founder of the Plinio il Giovane brand, who heads the new creative team formed of young designers Francesco Ippoliti and Benedetta Di Matteo, launches a new collection developed for the needs arising from the social changes caused by the pandemic (distancing, hygiene, etc.) and environmental changes in the context of sustainable development and circular economics.

This is the first scalable and modular collection aimed at the contract market, conceived for both small projects and large structures and infrastructure, and designed for the new requirements of public spaces.

The use of new-generation, hi-tech materials that are sustainable and recyclable and the techniques employed enable easy reuse and maintenance of products, avoiding disposal and replacement due to wear, giving the collection added value.

One Chair

Pilot piece of the collection, it is designed for spaces with a high turnover of users. A seat in solid beech wood made with tenons and lacquered with bio paints, as well as being stackable, it is easy to maintain and its characteristics counteract physiological wear over time.

Dimensions 36×44 cm, height 84 cm

Armchair Call

Why not have your own space even among many people? The Call armchair was born as a workstation for airports, waiting rooms or crowded places. A sound-absorbing armchair with a folding table to support the computer, which allows you to create your own space even in a crowded place.

Dimensions 77×74 cm seat height 38 cm.

Greta Bed

Not only silent, but also electrostatic The Greta bed is made of solid beech wood, lacquered with bio water-based paints. Headboard, sheets and mattress covered with electrostatic fabric. Dimensions 266×205 cm