From today I work at home!

Where did March go?
This year we haven’t met it, neither April, but every single year we wait for them, because these are  the months of spring and we all wait for the rebirth.
We still had a surprise, March and April were both unpredictable!

We felt protected in our houses, we completely changed our habits, we stopped for a while and left our busy life. This experience allowed us to come to terms with ourselves changing our habits, like being forced to stay in our houses. An environment that became our happy and safe place, in which we found again the pleasure to stay and to work in.

In those moments we have rediscovered the values of the objects, those made well learing over time. The objects you will affect you that will be part of your family’s furniture.
So we that from 45 years are specialized in creating objects that will end up in your inheritance, here we are trying to seduct with our news, designed and designed to create that little corner in which to work from home.

Whereas all the Plinio il Giovane’s seats are ergonomic,

…because we our uncle Arnoldo is an orthopedic.


All of our padding are in BioGreenConsiderando che da noi, tutte le imbottiture sono in BioGreen
… the name itself should you recommend what we are talking about. 

All of our products are hand made
…our carpenters have only two hands.

For those reasons today we are able to provide you desks, where you will love to work.
…we do this because we love our clients. 

Our beloved Regency’s desks

Inspired by the light forms of the famous furniture made by the three great designers, Chippendale, Sheraton and HeppleWhite, lived in London in 1700,
Today revisited by us and made with love, patience and all the time necessary to achieve them with the same methods of that ancient age.
Since we are so good to make them one for one, we can customize them respect your needs, not trivially to the extent, not trivially rounded,
Oval or rectangular, but also in the height you want.
If you want the drawers, we’ll position them where you want them!

Et voilà, la scrivania nel sottoscala ci sta!