Furnishing in a minimal way does not mean doing it in a boring way!

Today we want to dispel the belief that furnishing in a minimal way means furnishing in a boring way.
How many times did you read articles or saw images about interiors where the focus was the minimal style and thought that those places were aseptic with no personality, unable to be lived.
Furnishing following the minimal style could be easy, but if you do it well it seams an hard work.

Skillfully calibrating the components of an environment in order to enhance the simplicity of lines, colors, solids and voids, without resorting to artifice, is actually much more complex than it seems.

First of all, furnishing in a minimal way does not mean using only cold colors, black and white, and sometimes gray, which used exclusively risk flattening the shapes and making your environment boring.

In this article we will also dispel this myth, you can furnish minimal even colorful, with warm colors well balanced and used with style.

The choice of how to furnish in a minimal way depends on a matter of taste.

Those who choose to have a house with linear and clean furnishings often want to create an orderly environment, with few furnishings but well positioned.

He wants to avoid the chaotic effect of those houses full of furniture or ornaments, favoring order and cleanliness, which must also be clearly found in the design lines of the furnishings.

Plinio’s design has always stood out for its essential and minimal lines, for the solid oak wood structures shaped by our craftsmen designed to be light even to the eye.

Thanks to this attention, even the furnishings that could be heavy by definition, such as a canopy bed, become light in turn.

Just look at our Ballerino, who draws the canopy of the beds of the past with thin oak lines, but as if it were a stylized sketch, he makes it minimal and subtle.

The choice of minimal furniture therefore means first of all good space management.

Avoid having too much furniture in the house, knowing how to choose what you need and where to put them.

Choosing versatile and transformable pieces, which if necessary can be transformed to be used in another way, allows you to reduce the furniture you have at home.

With a single piece of furniture you can solve several needs.

Today we want to talk to you about a sofa, which is not just a sofa, our Day Bed.


Designed over 20 years ago, it is the minimal and linear sofa par excellence of Plinio’s collection.

The solid oak wood structure is clean and essential, with thin legs that support the seat, which can be used with or without side armrests, also made of wood.

Day Bed is a sofa that you can use during the day, without being afraid to fall asleep on it!

Available in two sizes, 172 cm and 212 cm, it is the sofa that becomes a single bed with a single gesture. Just move the cushion that rests on the backrest and you can use it as a bed, even for guests.

The versatility of the Day Bed, however, does not end there.

The wooden backrest and the sides can be moved whenever you want, thanks to a practical brass screwdriver, like the screws themselves turned by hand.

Here comes the thousand shapes of the Day Bed, there are those who use it as a chaise longue, removing a side panel, some as a bench by removing the backrest, those who still love the essential line and use it only with the backrest, without side rails.

In a single piece of design, multiple uses that allow you to use less space without having to give up the comfort of an extra bed.

As we said, furnishing in a minimal way means choice of lines, management of spaces and finally a weighted choice of colors.

The idea that only cold colors, in particular black and white are minimal, is not true.

It can also be furnished with warm colors, always maintaining calibrated tones between them, and when you choose contrasts, make sure that they are harmonious with each other.

The essence of oak, in fact, lends itself to both a furniture oriented towards cold and warm tones.

Polished with water, it allows to maintain the light color of natural oak, which goes well with cold colors such as grays, blues, cerulean, blues, greens. However, oak wood can also be heated by polishing with cooked linseed oil, and obtain the warm Florentine and brown finishes.

You can combine the greens, the brick color, the dove gray, the reds that will be heated by the pigment of the wood polishing.

Finally, oxide is a versatile color, because it can go well with both cold and warm colors.

Violet, lilac, pink cool in contrast with the dark color, on the contrary by combining cream, yellow and red colors, it warms up and takes depth and thickness.

Read more about our Day Bed! Find out how you can use it differently every day.

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