Ghò armchair, a classic of the future. The novelty of the designer’s week

Thanks to our experience in making ever lighter products, with all the tenderness, the love and patience of the world, here it is … it’s called Ghò, a hitherto unpublished chair, which is turning seventy in these days. Once upon a time there was Gigi Ghò, who in 1944 started his profession as an architect in Gio Ponti’s studio. She worked a lot with him, but most of all they became great friends. In that post-war rebirth, Gigi Ghò was a supporter of the Movement for Concrete Art, a sort of workshop of the time, where creative and interactive minds of the caliber of Lucio Fontana and Fausto Melotti met.


Probably from one of these meetings, while Gio Ponti was designing the Super light, Ghò designed his armchair, which has remained a prototype for 70 years until now. Pliny the Younger, who loves challenges, created 20 unique pieces entirely by hand with the same systems with which that prototype was built 70 years ago. The construction technique of these armchairs has a predecessor … He was the son of a bell ringer Giuseppe Descalzi. As an expert carpenter, he challenged fate by creating the lightest and most resistant chair ever made, the timeless Chiavarina still in production. That particular lightness was obtained by reducing the structural sections of the wood to the minimum possible, dimensioning them according to the stresses to which a chair was subjected, tying them with very innovative joints at the time, which guaranteed extraordinary resistance.