Transform your home with Plinio il Giovane

Transform your home, one step at a time.

Plinio il Giovane’s home styling service can transform your home, one step at a time.
Whether you have a new home to furnish, a small space to rennovate or simply want a bespoke item of furniture, the Plinio il Giovane team will create a solution that is uniquely you.

The best home styling

We will support you along the whole journey, from the original idea right through to execution. From the choice of furnitureto match your lifestyle, to the furnishings, the range of colours, to finally positioning each single item in loco.


To get to know you is not just an excuse for a meeting. The aim is to visualise you in your future home, listen to what you have to say and understand your requirements. Using drawings, designs, sketches, we will help you to imagine the house of your dreams.


A beautiful idea comes from emotional inspiration.
We are passionate about what we do and we want to involve you in our world.
This is the creativity that can lead to the birth of a beautiful idea.


In the past these were called collages, where the creative person assembled a collection of cut-outs from magazines, pieces of fabric, coloured cardboard.
Today we talk about moodboards: this includes all the research we do to provide you with initial emotional inspiration. From this we can better understand what the house of your dreams will look like and how you imagine the final result.


In 1500 Michelangelo referred to these as sketches but today technology allows us to produce a short video for you as a starting point.
This is not the final project but will give you an initial idea on which to base your ideal solution.


And finally everything falls into place! It is a magical moment because now we are really going to create.
Our items of furniture are unique, each one made by hand.
To do all this, without involving any third parties. Is what makes us unique! Fromstart to finish, from the original idea to the moment when each piece of furniture has been arranged in your home.


The greatest joy for us is to see the look on your face when we present you with your dream come true.
And we will be there with you at that very moment.
when you open the ecological packaging and you get a hint of the smell of linseed oilyou will see the final result of what you initally had in mind.

Tasteful furnishings.

Everyone in the team at Plinio il Giovane, led by Mario Prandina,
is ready and waiting to provide you with the best experience and know-how in home styling.

Passion and good taste are the fundamental ingredients for the success of a homestyling service . Interior designers, architects could take some advices from the home stylist. Furniture’s changing, requires a look from a different point of view,
requires 360-degree vision skills.

The best choice of furnishings reflects thepersonality of those who live them .