How can you sleep peacefully during this period, protected from viruses and bacteria? Now I’ll explain it to you!

Plinio il Giovane, a good down-to-earth dreamer, has always produced conceptual products, not to earn money … but to have the money to create, with a lot of research, products that surprise you. What is the surprise in this difficult period? A product that makes you want to sleep protected and quiet! Protected by whom? From viruses and bacteria!

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Ma no! I nostri letti di legno è dal 1975 che tutti sanno che migliorano il sonno!Those who know us will think of a new wooden bed … But no! Our wooden beds is since 1975 that everyone knows they improve sleep! This time the novelty is a mattress made with an extraordinary product, light and breathable similar to sea sponge. But that is not all! The upholstery is the further revolution: a special fabric that contains 8% graphene.