Such a simple shape but so many uses.

Una forma elementare

“When I am designing a new product, I never forget simple shapes such as
the square, the triangle, the circle.”

Based on these simple principles, I realized Cubes simple structures,
light but sturdy and multifunctional.

The Cubes are extremely sturdy due to the old fashioned joints which
have been perfected by the craftsmen working for Plinio il Giovane over the past thirtyeight years.
These are each made by hand by craftsmen who, with great delicacy and skill, have joined various pieces of wood together
in order to create a product which is light but very strong.
Pure linseed oil is used to treat the wood, to enhance the grain but also to make it water repellent
as well as improve the gloss and generally prolong the life of the product.

Handmade, with love, from 1975

Each of our creations is a unique and unrepeatable work, the result of love, passion and dedication to a job that, fortunately, we love madly.
The finishes of our woods based on oil of naturally pigmented cooked linen, adds to a wide selection of fine fabrics born from fascinating and very noisy jaquard looms, finally allowing you to create infinite combinations of materials and colors, without compromises and brakes on your creativity and your dreams.

The engineering of lightness

All our products are made according to the engineering of lightness. For us, wood is a living, precious material and therefore should not be wasted. For this reason, every single element of our product is structural and calculated according to the stresses to which it is subjected. Nothing is superfluous, from this comes the perfect balance between lightness and strength.

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