When a project conceals a surprise.

Eclettica, in name and in fact

Each Eclettica we produce requires a great deal of patience since each component(of which there are many)
is made by hand from solid oak, and no two elements are the same.
Then each component has to be assembled, piece by piece.
Great passion and patience are needed to assemble each of the components, one piece at a time,
of the two structures that slide into each other: and to do a good job you need all the time necessary to produce a good piece of work.
It gives us great joy when we see how amazed you are when you discover how, in just one move,
this simple structure can be transformed from a relaxing chaise longue into a small table or a comfortable bed.
Plinio il Giovane has an ecological mindset. For us ecology also means designing a product that can be used in different ways
and that can be handed down through the generations.
No component of this product is superfluous, from the wooden plugs that hold the slats in place to the side cushions.
The cushions, made of eco-friendly materials that are breathable, lightweight and hypo-allergenic, guarantee you a good night’s sleep.
Treatment with pure boiled linseed oil exalts the veins in the wood whilst ensuring that the product is waterproof, improving its patina and durability.
The side-rests can be easily removed as required, thanks to a highly durable system made of brass, that makes your Eclettica such a unique product. 

Handmade, with love, from 1975

Each of our creations is a unique and unrepeatable work, the result of love, passion and dedication to a job that, fortunately, we love madly.
The finishes of our woods based on oil of naturally pigmented cooked linen, adds to a wide selection of fine fabrics born from fascinating and very noisy jaquard looms, finally allowing you to create infinite combinations of materials and colors, without compromises and brakes on your creativity and your dreams.

The engineering of lightness

All our products are made according to the engineering of lightness. For us, wood is a living, precious material and therefore should not be wasted. For this reason, every single element of our product is structural and calculated according to the stresses to which it is subjected. Nothing is superfluous, from this comes the perfect balance between lightness and strength.

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