Smart Collection
From 5 to 10 September 2021 from 10.00 to 19.30, for the Fuorisalone, inside the historic showroom of Plinio il Giovane in via E.Cernuschi 1 in Milan, Easy Bed will be exhibited as pilot product of the Smart Collection with the One chair lacquered with ICA Group’s organic paints and products from the historic collection revisited through the extraordinary graphene-based textile product of Directa Plus.

At Plinio il Giovane our philosophy has remained the same for the past 50 years. All our products have their own unique identity and are the expression of the ideals and social mission that continue to characterise our brand. Under the direction of our founder, Mario Prandina, we all share the same respect for man and nature.

At the Fuorisalone Design Week 2021 Edition to be held in September we will be presenting our latest product created by our new team of young creative designers.

What is Plinio il Giovane presenting this year?
The main highlight of the year is our solution to provide our customers with an ecological good night’s sleep. Our collection brings together a taste of the past, with Plinio Il Giovane’s knowledge of working with wood, and the extensive palette of paints produced by ICA, a company that since 1971 has specialised in technological research into water-based paints.

What is the product your will be presenting at the 2021 Fuorisalone?
Easy Bed
is the first pilot product from our Smart Collection.
The design and execution come from the historical company Plinio Il Giovane, but Easy Bed presents a new concept – it is Smart.
Easy Bed is made from solid beech, using methods that are far faster to execute than when we make the products in our historical collection.

What is the difference between Easy Bed and the other beds designed by Plinio il Giovane?

This product can be purchased on-line, direct from the producer. For the delivery, special packaging made from ecological and recyclable materials is used, and the bed can even be assembled by the client in just a few minutes.
The product is available in untreated wood or comes with a kit to apply a protective ecological treatment based on natural finishes.

For those who love colour, for the first time the bed can be finished in the colour of your choice, thanks to the wide range on offer from our latest partnership with the ICA Group.
This makes the product a unique, one-off item.

What are the new technologies that differentiate the Smart collection from Plinio il Giovane’s classic product?
After 50 years of patient research into materials by both companies to guarantee sustainable production, the ICA Group and Plinio il Giovane have joined forces on eco-sustainability.

Today it is finally possible to purchase a product from Plinio il Giovane whose characteristics are enhanced by the new varnish using water-based paints in a multitude of Iridea Bio colours produced by the ICA Group. These are derived from renewable waste materials that do not interfere with human food consumption and the production of which complies in every phase with the latest green policies by reducing Volatile Organic Compounds and CO2 emissions.

In the creative world of Plinio il Giovane new sustainable synergies are being created and when design and highly innovative technology meet, the result is truly amazing.

So not only technology and tradition in the new Smart Collection but also innovative technological materials. What is Graphene Plus?
The partnership between Plinio il Giovane and Directa Plus is focused on personal safety and environmental sustainability in order to create artisan products with a contemporary look: a look that combines technology with empathy and where attention to detail and hand-made products create an open dialogue with the people who will use them in their daily life.

For the 2021 Fuorisalone, Plinio il Giovane will present a number of products using textiles with a G+® technological coating produced by Directa Plus SpA – an innovative textile covered with Graphene Plus, a sustainable product from this Lombardy-based, nano-technology company.


Made of solid beech wood and with faster processing methods and times than the historical collection.
Lacquered with ICA bio paints.
Dimensions: 165×210 cm