Plinio il Giovane's history

The Plinio il Giovane brand was born in 1975, in a small atelier in front of the Brera academy. The inspiration comes from that magical setting of the Jamaica bar, the Milanese literary café, where artists, architects and designers dreamed of changing the world.

Mario Prandina, founder of the brand, designed and built his first prototypes in a restoration laboratory a few steps from the atelier. The man who helped him make them was called Luigi Meda, a skilled restorer and therefore a great expert in wood. His idea was to build a product, in small series, accessible even to a young audience, very resistant and lasting over time. Mario Prandina’s aim was to create and give life, to products that embody the sense of a social campaign to combat pollution and advancing consumerism. The first furniture, in fact, was built by reusing old beams of a farmhouse in the Milanese hinterland, destined for demolition. Thus the first oak furniture by Pliny the Younger was born, together with the first slogan, which read “You buy them also for the pleasure of seeing them age”. The second said “we can build Noah’s ark to save you from the universal deluge of plastic”. At that time it was the first recovery operation in the furniture sector. The same mission that this brand today continue to support and pursue.