The tube never betrays

“The tube never betrays” – Gilberto Colombo?
Who was Gilberto Colombo?
A visionary able to create things trough the concept of engineering of light. 

For this reason Enzo Ferrari decided to let him realize the sophisticated frames of his Ferraris.

Between passion, esteem and trust, this collaboration was born, between the two, a lasting friendship.
Gilberto, however, had a dream in the drawer, a design, that of a project that remained unpublished and patented in 1952, a sofa bed.

Fascinated by the poetic history, collaborating with his son Marco, we created the prototype of that armchair of his and we called it Gilco.
Working those tubes so light and strong we began to love iron and its properties.

Naturally, as always, from Pliny the Younger the law is in force to revive the most ancient and tested methods of processing, such as for example brass welds, used only for racing bicycle frames.

And this is how the stackable Bea chair, little Annie and the extremely agile Pierre stackable tables were born.

The first is called Bea,
because she is blessed among the woods of Pliny the Younger since she is made of metal.

Blessed because it was chosen in the selection of the best products of 2019.
Blessed because it can also be placed outdoors, it is practical and stackable.

The second is called Annie, because she is so small and very ergonomic.

The table is called Pierre, but I don’t remember why.

You can find them in the cult places of the city of Milan, because they have elegance and lightness in them.